drilling for geognostic studies, excavations, surveys

PSAILAMBIENTE S.r.l provides consultancy services and technical support in the fields of applied geology and geotechnical engineering for civil and industrial construction, professionals and businesses that deal with land and the environment.

We have a good deal of professional experience in the various application fields and are able to meet all user's needs, both private and public, with the professionalism of our technicians and with our equipment.

We offer our services as partners for companies, institutions and technicians working in the field, dealing with a wide range of issues in the field of geotechnics, geophysics, hydrology and environmental geology in a professional and specialised manner.


drilling for piles, drilling for research, geological safety equipment

For years, we have taken advantage of collaborations with specialised technicians in the various fields in which we operate. Professionalism, experience and attention to customer needs are the key elements that, day after day, guide our work.

Our company's staff is comprised of a project manager, safety manager and technical director who mange the geophysical and geotechnical departments that are structured to have a worksite supervisor, geologist, technicians, skilled operators and other qualified professionals for all activities. The worksite staff consist of a geologist and operators with the role of aiding drilling operations, alongside an able drill operator and a mechanic, all trained to deal with any mechanical problems with the drill and any other problems of any kind. In this way we offer immediate assistance with any intervention required by the client, ensuring maximum operability.




Geological-geotechnical surveys:


  • 2 Drills model Trive 12 C for the construction of wells and piles from ø 600 mm to ø 2000 mm;
  • 1 P/2 type Drill with percussion system and relative complementary equipment for the Maintenance of wells;
  • 1 C6 Casagrande Drill with all the accompanying equipment for the implementation of piezometers, geognostic surveys and micropiles;
  • 1 Beretta T43 Drill for geognosti surveys and micropiles, suited to limited-space worksites thanks to the small area it occupies;
  • 1 Fraste Multidrill - ML Drill for geognostic drilling and micropiles, suited to limited-space worksites thanks to the small area it occupies;
  • 1 EGT MD 700 Drill for geognostic surveys and micropiles, suited to limited-space worksites thanks to the small area it occupies;
  • 1 CMV MK420 Drill for geognostic surveys and micropiles;
  • 1 CMV MK600 M Drill for geognostic surveys and micropiles;
  • 1 Bobcat Mini-excavator
  • 1 Fiat Iveco 180 lorry with 8-ton crane for handling bulks and various equipment;
  • 1 Fiat Iveco Daily lorry;
  • 1 Fiat Iveco 35C15A lorry;
  • 1 Toyota Hilux lorry;
  • 1 Lancia Lybra car;
  • 1 Ingersoll Rand compressor;
  • 1 Kaeser 42 Motor Compressor;
  • 1 diesel Motorwelder;
  • 2 Core drills
  • 1 Bunker Cement injection group;
  • 2 Hydraulic Packers;
  • 1 PMV6200 Pramac generator
  • Core barrels and buckets in sizes 600 mm, 800 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm, 2000 mm;
  • Casings for the execution of drilling and wells with diameter 600 mm, 800 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm;
  • Drill pipes diam. 76 mm and core barrel 101 mm for the execution of surveys;
  • Casings diameter 127 mm, 178 mm, 220 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm,
  • Helical rods 60 mm, 110 mm, 140 mm, 200 mm;
  • Tricone bits, crowns, extractors, extractor carriers
  • Equipment for SPT tests with Raimond sampler;
  • Static, dynamic, piezocone self-anchoring penetrometer installed on a 4x4 lorry;
  • Environmental core barrel diam. 101 mm;
  • Equipment for the mechanical cleaning of wells (rubber discs of different diameter, metal brushes, jetting-tool and air lift system);
  • Equipment for performing pumping tests (pump, meter, data logger, acostic water level meter, interface, etc.)
  • Equipment for load tests on slabs and piles;


PSAILAMBIENTE S.r.l has two main objectives:


  • consolidate and increase productivity generated by traditional environmental/geological activities for civil and industrial works;
  • horizontally expand productive activities mainly for geological and geotechnical surveys, geotechnical site tests, renovation works in historical centres, and secondly in tenders for the construction of public works.


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