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PSAILAMBIENTE S.r.l has operated in the field of applied geology and geotechnics for civil and industrial construction for many years, offering consulting services and technical support to professionals and companies that deal with land and the environment.

We have: Quality Certification UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008. SOA Certification Category OS21, classification II. Ministerial authorisation n. 3695 according to Presidential Decree n. 380/2001, art. 59 for the execution and certification of geological surveys, sampling and in situ testing.




The company PSAILA AMBIENTE S.r.L., based in Gela in Via Diomede n. 1, operates in the areas of environmental geology, geotechnics and geophysics in the fields of civil and industrial engineering.

Thanks to its diverse offering, organisational flexibility and constant technical and regulatory updates, together with the adoption of appropriate hardware and software, the company is able to provide services to individuals, professionals and public and private organisations for both integral designs and specialist technical support, as well as in the performance of drilling and static testing.

In all respects, the company is able to provide technical advice and to implement with its own means and workers:


  • works of special foundations with a wide-ranging spectrum of expertise;
  • bracings;
  • bored piles (diam. 600 mm, 800 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm and 1500 mm, 2000 mm);
  • geotechnical surveys and geotechnical and environmental characterisations of worksites through geognostic surveys, undisturbed sampling and geotechnical instrumentation installation;
  • seismic characterisation of soils, down-holes, cross-holes, ground-penetrating radar;
  • implementation, maintenance and monitoring of artesian wells and piezometers;
  • inclinometric measurements;
  • load tests on piles and micropiles;
  • in situ load and density tests;
  • load tests of slabs, floors and roofs;
  • Flow tests for wells and piezometers;



  • Quality Certificate ISO 9001: 2008 n. 6348/0 issued by the ICIM certification body;
  • SIA Certificate n. 34244/10/00 issued by the certification body CQOPSOA for the category OS21 classification II;
  • Environmental management certification EN ISO 14001:2004 n. 0640/0 issued by the certification body ICIM;
  • Ministerial authorisation n. 3695 according to Presidential Decree n. 380/2001, art. 59 for the execution and certification of geological surveys, sampling and in situ testing, issued by the Ministry of Public Works.
  • Registration in the National Register of Environmental Managers with n. PA10597 in category 9 (site remdiation) and class D.
  • Registration in the list of suppliers, service providers and performers of works that are not subject to attempts of mafia infiltration (so-called white list) at the Prefecture of Caltanissetta.


testing of piles

We offer a range of specialised services such as bracings, drilling for geognostic study and construction of piles, drilling for water exploration at small and large depths, and so much more.

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